Intuitive Archery

Traditional Longbow used for Intuotive Archery
Traditional Longbow used for Intuotive Archery

About Intuitive Archery

Intuitive Archery cannot exist without intuition, often referred to as gut feeling. The art of Inuitive Archery consists of connecting and synergizing intuition, focus and optimized tension within the body.

Intuitive Archery differs from sport archery in our use of traditional long bows without target devices. An archer’s success stems from developing the ability to compare projected target with actual achievement and adjust intent, attitude and action accordingly.

Our breathing – the key to our subconscious – plays a central role in Intuitive Archery. The Zen exercises strengthen our capacity to pay attention to our breathing while dialing in to here and now.

Intent rests at the core of Intuitive Archery, aiming to be manifested as naturally and effectively as breathing.

Shooting blindfold during Intuitive Archery
Shooting blindfold during Intuitive Archery

Zen and the Art of Archery

In Eugen Herrigel’s classic work Zen and the Art of Archery, the blind master hits the target. Contemporary Zen master Kurt Kyu-Sei Österle goes one step further, entitling his book „When the Bow is Broken – Shoot!“

Whoever intensively practices Intuitive Archery over a long period of time will notice at some point that taking aim and hitting the target can happen blindfold, or even without the use of bow and arrow.

Wenn der Bogen terbrochen ist, dann schieß!
„When the Bow is broken – shoot!“

Transformation through Intuitive Archery

We created and developed the Archery Application Method to make the experience, insight and skills gained during Intuitive Archery executive leadership and team trainings accessible in immediate real-life professional scenarios.