Archery & Innovation – a contribution to an unusual Expert Developement Programme

Bensheim, 23. und 24. November 2019 | A global dental systems supplier invited us to contribute to their Expert Developement Programme with 60 dentits from all over ther world. One of the main challenges in our ever changing VUCA world is adaptive leadership. How can we create deep communication skills? How can we develope a mindset that is open towards innovation? How can we live a purpose driven leadership style? How can we remain connected – with ourselves, wih our team, our clients, our stake holders?

We created a room, where the participants were able to experience this challenges „live“ in a VUCA world – by dealing with bows and arrows: Not only in order to hit the target. But by hitting it without targeting. One of the astonishing experiences learned was that each participant reached their target better when they were more connected with the whole group than with the individual target they had chosen. To focus is not the same as to target!