An intuitive approach to developing leadership skills | Interview with Annette Birkholz

Berlin, 5. April 2020 | In connection with the Prestige Award „Archery of the Year | Berlin 2020“ there was an intervie published with Annette Birkholz:

„We facilitate (personal) learning, reflections on leadership issues that really matter and change processes with two simple tools – bow and arrow. The main idea is that an archer has all the skills that a business leader might need.

Archery is a blueprint for (self)leadership: intuition, mindfulness, attitude, dignity, focus, release, sovereignty, balance, strategy, patience, finding the right moment, braveness – all those resources and more can be found in and trained with intuitive archery.“

You can read more here:

Interview – Annette Birkholz (Die Bogenakademie)